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So, you want to stay in touch and get relevant updates but don't feel like immediately joining this party (which is starting kind of slowly)? Easy - just subscribe to the newsletter. It's simple and easy and you won't get any Spam. In fact, don't expect to get a newsletter anytime soon - but you will get one when there's actual news (like, a game is finished, or I'm looking for more beta-testers, or something really extraordinary happens here and I really want everyone interested to know).

If you have joined already (in other words: you have an actual user account), you don't really have to subscribe to the newsletter because you'll be getting it anyways. And as a beta-tester, you also get beta-testing newsflashs which are much more frequent than the general newsletter. This is simply for those stopping by and feeling like this might be interesting in some point in time (kind of like bookmarking the page but way better).

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