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Traces of Illumination - Single Player Hall of Fame
Which Score would you like to see?
... and how many?
The players who have stored most times to the high score database.
Rank Sessions Last Session Player First Session Color
1. 102 12.01.2011 00:35 Jashan 08.08.2008
2. 7 28.08.2008 15:09 ThomasP 11.08.2008
3. 5 26.09.2008 00:13 burnumd 12.08.2008
4. 4 12.01.2011 17:58 wagi 12.01.2011
5. 1 08.08.2008 22:21 JoshuaMe 08.08.2008
6. 1 12.08.2008 02:25 Proton 12.08.2008

You think you're ready to have the shortest time for all levels, or you're already an expert for one specific level? Don't hesitate to Join! and play Traces of Illumination. Note that storing times is only available to registered players logged in at the site.

And: If you rather take things slow or just accidentally spent an incredibly long time in Level 01. Don't hesitate to save that time, too! There will also soon be longest time high-scores. Seriously! Why? Well, there comes a time in Multiplayer Traces of Illumination where it's all about supporting your team-mates to not crash - so if you make a top entry to the longest time high score, people might beg you to play with them...

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